JASILL’s team is acknowledged by clients for their outstanding expertise and know-how in the field of tax consulting. Specialized in all taxation areas, our consultants are members of the most important national and international professional organizations (CECCAR, CCF, ACCA) and are frequently involved in sophisticated projects, which enables our firm to successfully compete with large international consulting and audit firms.

We have proven experience in:

  • Direct taxes (profit tax, income tax and non-resident income tax);
  • Indirect taxes (VAT and excise duties);
  • Local taxes and fees;
  • Taxes and payroll taxes, including income tax and social security contributions;
  • Taxes and contributions to the environmental fund;
  • Other tax matters (including currency regulations);
  • VAT mapping;
  • Fiscal restructuring;
  • Consulting.

Fiscal Planning and Optimization
One of the basic concerns of a company’s management is how to reduce the tax burden – that is the tax optimization. The JASILL team specializes in identifying and implementing the most appropriate methods for aligning the tax principles to the organization’s management.

Tax Solutions for Expats
We support non-resident employees in finding efficient tax solutions and we efficiently manage issues such as: double taxation with states that have regulations for this purpose, various regulations on taxes and social security in different countries with which Romania has signed double taxation agreements. Given the experience of our team in this area, we can minimize the costs of secondment, offering personalized services, tailored to the company’s specifics.

Salary Package Planning
The planning of salary packages is generally done together with the annual budget. This involved setting a minimum and a maximum level for each benefit that makes up the entire salary package. We usually recommend a standardization and reporting based on the number of seniority levels in the company, which is directly proportional to its size. JASILL consultants analyse the dimension of the company, the number of roles and the number of hierarchical levels – and based on these data they will recommend salary packages specific to each position in the organization.

Indirect Taxes and Duties
The quick response to problems and the optimization of taxes and fees are necessary solutions to ensure the financial balance of the company, but also to comply with the legal obligations. Traditionally, they were defined as taxes on goods and services, and their payment was indirect (excise duties, customs duties, VAT, local taxes). The distinction between direct and indirect taxes is not unequivocal and not very useful from an analytical point of view. In this context, we support clients in making the correct classifications between the two categories, so that they comply with all applicable rules and obligations.

Tax Solutions for SMEs
The main difficulties SMEs face include the challenging number of reporting requirements and the difficult access to finance or double taxation. Therefore, the tax optimization is an essential aspect for SMEs, since the objective of fiscal planning is to comply with the regulations and minimize the amounts due as taxes. The JASILL team has practical and proven experience advising SMEs to identify and, most importantly, to use tax benefits correctly.

Judicial Expertise
Our experts are prepared to assist clients during legal disputes in the field of taxation, as expert legal advisers. They will follow the entire process of expertise, will collaborate with the judicial expert appointed by the court or the investigating body, but we will also perform extrajudicial expertise to clarify a situation requested by one party or another.