JASILL has established a strategic alliance with the law firm VD Law Group (Vasilescu Dejan SPARL), specialized in multidisciplinary legal advice in various industries and an important player on the Romanian business law market, offering specialized legal services in complex areas of practice such as real estate, emerging technologies (AI, blockchain & crypto), pharmaceuticals, capital markets, media and data privacy. Through this alliance, JASILL and VD Law Group aim to develop new areas of practice such as tax and labor law, restructuring and insolvency, as well as mixed teams of specialistswho can support clients with integrated tax and legal consulting services.

Corporate Law
Vasilescu Dejan advises entrepreneurs, medium and large companies in all economic sectors in connection with all the stages related to company set-up, amendment of constitutive acts, mergers and acquisitions, dissolution, liquidation and to day-to-day corporate activities.

Civil Law
Vasilescu Dejan advises clients in everything related to civil law, from assistance in various real estate projects (due diligence, negotiation, drafting and reviewing legal documentation, urban planning, cadastre and land registration etc), to assistance in negotiating, drafting and amending various types of contracts. Our partners represent clients before all courts of law and arbitral courts, as well as before the competent authorities in cases related to these contracts. Vasilescu Dejan also specializes in notarial and judicial proceedings related to the establishment of inheritance rights, sharing of assets, projects related to the establishment of personal or real guarantees.

Vasilescu Dejan assists clients in all types of employment work: drafting and negotiating individual and collective employment contracts, management contracts and internal regulations; drafting specific documents on employment relationships in M&A projects, restructuring or transfer of employees; individual and collective redundancies; drafting and reviewing procedures regarding employee benefits and pensions, preparation and implementation of dismissal strategies and retirement schemes. It also represents employers and employees in employment disputes (in matters such as overtime benefits, challenging dismissal decisions, harassment cases etc).

White-Collar Crime
Our legal partners advise clients to prevent, identify and mediate possible criminal risks. When a criminal trial becomes inevitable, Vasilescu Dejan’s lawyers represent the clients before all courts and specialized bodies such as DNA and DIICOT. We can assist clients in various categories of criminal files, including: financial fraud, corruption, economic espionage, cybercrime, abuse of office and negligence in office, money laundering, crimes of breach of confidentiality / professional secrecy, crimes of violation of IP and industrial property rights.

Administrative and Contentious Matters
Together with the JASILL team, the Vasilescu Dejan lawyers assist clients in connection with the structuring of transactions from a fiscal perspective, providing tax advice, fiscal due diligence, and managing tax disputes with the competent authorities. We also specialize in issues related to income tax, value added tax, excise duties or any other contributions to the state budget. In addition, we represent clients in tax investigations and in cases before the Romanian courts and competent authorities in the field of public administration