Customers appreciate the concise approach and knowledge of our team, which make a major contribution to increasing the performance in organizations. Our organizational diagnoses consider the integration of three essential components for the organizational well-being: processes – their optimization and efficiency; functions – from the “silo” to the “matrix” organization; people – skills, motivations, intra and interdepartmental structures, leadership.
We have defined three categories of personalized consulting and training programs for the operational economic processes and human resources:
• Economic excellence;
• Operational excellence;
• Excellence in management.

Consulting for the Sale of Shares and Exits
Shareholders choose the most appropriate mix of methods for their businesses. Each party intends to maximize the profits resulting from the exits. We have a very good understanding of the motivation – financial and beyond – to leave a business, so that, following a rigorous due diligence process, we offer the most suitable solutions and recommendations to prepare and implement an exit at the right time.

Management Consulting
It is not enough to have an idea, be it brilliant and revolutionary, to lay the foundations of a successful business. There are other ingredients that some entrepreneurs, especially those at the beginning, may not consider. We stand by entrepreneurs in various fields of activity to help them define their financial and business objectives on the medium and long term, to identify together the best sources of financing, to emphasize the main logistics activities (headquarters, equipment etc), employees’ and clients’ profiles and establish a coherent business development and promotion plan. In other words, we help our clients to go through the ten stages to define and implement an optimal strategy and the basis of a business with significant development potential.

Mergers and Acquisitions
The JASILL team has relevant experience in several types of mergers and acquisitions, from low value to the more sophisticated deals. Our specialists have proven know-how and negotiation skills that contribute decisively to the successful completion of projects in various industries.
We advise both leaders in different sectors, start-ups or investment funds in all the aspects of mergers and acquisitions, including: transaction structuring, risk identification, fiscal and legal due diligence (together with our partner law firm) drafting and negotiation of the transaction documentation for the efficient closing and implementation of the transaction. Together with our team of tax consultants and lawyers, we offer integrated services that ensure the optimization of the structure from both perspectives.
Business and Asset Valuation:
Depending on the purpose – commercial transactions, stock exchanges, equity transactions (mergers, restructurings, divisions, liquidations or sales) or changes in the capital structure or shareholders, valuation in relation to other companies in the field – our experts can perform a series of complex analyses and valuations related to: market/sector and macroeconomic factors, investment theories, evolution of financial indices, tax system regulations, real estate market regulations, business value (including the contribution of land, construction, machinery, equipment, intangible assets).

Internal Evaluation and Control Reports
Reporting and control systems are important tools for the genuine organizational performance. We are among the few independent consultants who can offer our clients an integrated monitoring and evaluation system, which covers all the internal functions of a company. We support local companies and entrepreneurs in writing independent control and evaluation reports, so that managers can easily check whether the organization’s internal objectives, rules and procedures are being followed.

Feasibility Studies
Feasibility studies can be used for many types of business, but especially for those that involve a certain risk. The JASILL team specializes in in-depth analysis to identify weaknesses and opportunities or impossibility to conduct business, for a specific location or time, which saves significant financial and time resources and allows clients to have a first overview of the main business risks before its launch to market.

Financial Protection Solutions
The JASILL consultants have significant experience in managing investments involving large amounts of money. We integrate these services with the support of our external partners, by managing the company’s portfolio and recommending the best and most suitable long-term solutions.

We are appreciated by clients for the efficient, clear and structured way of organizing special training programs, adapted to the companies’ requests and needs. Many of them are accompanied by interactive sessions and simulations, on practical aspects in areas such as:
• Management & Leadership;
• Financial management;
• Negotiation;
• Time management & organization;
• Workplace performance;
• Human resources management.