Recognized as one of the most experienced and skilled Romanian accounting firms, JASILL offers highly adapted services, with dedicated teams, for local and foreign entrepreneurs, multinationals, SMEs and PFAs in all industries. We cover all the aspects related to accounting, including: monthly reports and statements, reporting deadlines, organizations’ financial statements etc.

Through the double eye system, a consultant is always available to each of our clients, ready to take over and respond to clearly and quickly to any request, every time a client needs an interpretation or additional explanations related to the situation and financial statements of the company. All the actions are supervised by a second consultant, who is usually a more senior and experienced team member.

We specialize in all aspects related to both financial and management accounting systems:

Chronological Registration of Primary Documents

Our accounting team comprises economics graduates with numerous specialization and certification programs. Our services are supported by a well-defined procedure that includes the registration of economic transactions, based on the primary documents. These are extremely carefully reviewed before processing and supplemented with an additional list of documents necessary for a correct and fair approach of the company’s economic activity.

Financial and Management Accounting:

In the field of financial accounting, we support investors, employees, creditors, the government or the general public in the rapid, clear and efficient preparation of the financial reports.
Regarding the (accounting) management accounting, we record and analyze all the information necessary for the smooth running of the internal activity. Thus, we contribute to a rigorous and systematic control of the use of production factors in the company’s activities. Unlike financial accounting, organized on the basis of normative and legislative acts in force, management accounting operates based on the company’s rules, established according to their own requirements.

Preparation of the Monthly Balance Check:

This activity includes several stages and our experts can effectively support clients in: preparing the accounting accounts, transcribing data from the accounts to the balance sheet, totalling and verifying the balance sheet. The check-up is performed by a CECCAR authorized accountant, which ensures the accuracy of the balance sheet data. With the help of the balance sheet, we synthesize the accounting information registered in the accounts and we verify the correlations imposed by the double registration, the double entry accounting for most of the organizations.

Preparation of the Accounting Records:

All the companies have the obligation to draw up certain registers, where all the accounting operations they performed must be registered. We help our clients and we support them in all the aspects related to the accounting records:
• Journal register (mandatory, all economic and financial operations are registered chronologically);
• Inventory register (mandatory, includes assets and liabilities, grouped by categories, unit inventories);
• The general register (mandatory, it is registered monthly and systematically, by grouping the accounts, the movement and the existence of assets and liabilities at a given time;
• Cash register (daily, in two copies, drawn up by cashiers on the basis of supporting documents for receipts and payments);
• Statement of salaries (monthly, by sections, workshops, services, based on documents certifying the hours worked, advance lists, rest or medical leave);
• Register of fiscal records (drawn up by taxpayers registered as payers of profit tax, in order to enter all the information that determines the calculation of taxable profit and the calculation of profit tax).
• For our PFA clients or other liberal professions or independent activities, we ensure the preparation of the Register of receipts and payments and the Single Declaration.

Preparation of the Tax Returns:

Clients trust our team of experts for their expertise and know-how in areas such as:
• Preparation and submission of tax returns;
• Assistance during tax inspections;
• Tax representative.

To ensure the full accuracy and correctness of the information included in the tax returns, we work in mixed teams, consisting of a taxation specialist and an accountant.

The fact that all tax returns are verified by an authorized tax consultant ensures the accuracy of the information, which is up to date and fully compliant with the rules and requirements of the tax authorities.

Preparation of the Annual Financial Statements:

The privately owned companies, the sate ones, the autonomous utilities, the research and development institutes, submit the balance sheets within 150 days from the end of the year. The preparation of the annual financial statements must be preceded by the general inventory of assets, capital and debt elements and other assets and values under management and administration, according to the rules of the Ministry of Public Finance. Clients in almost all sectors know that they can rely on the experience of the JASILL team of accountants and consultants to properly prepare the annual financial statements, which include: the balance sheet, the profit and loss account, the changes in equity, the cash flow statement, the accounting policies and the explanatory notes. NGOs are also required to prepare financial statements within 120 days and our consultants specializing in the activities of non-governmental entities have the capabilities and resources to provide such services.