We like to meet new people every day and we believe that every discussion with a new possible colleague is a learning experience for both sides. If we are acknowledged by clients as one of the best consultants in Romania, this is largely due to the passion and dedication of our colleagues, the common vision to share knowledge, resources, to learn from each other regardless of seniority .

We have created a pleasant work environment that inspires our colleagues and where we can cooperate openly and honestly. We communicate transparently and respect our opinions, no matter how different, we appreciate feedback and we are in constant search for new and brave ideas. We look for colleagues who share our values, with whom we can evolve professionally, both individually and as a team.


We offer students the opportunity to become familiar with all the practical aspects of tax and business consulting, as well as accounting, guiding them to develop their skills and competencies, in order to increase their chances of accessing a job according to their interests and academic background.

Recruitment of graduates

We are constantly looking for talented and passionate graduates of economic faculties. That is why we have created a program that addresses them exclusively, at the end of which the selected candidates can join our team. It consists of rigorous stages of personal and professional development, during which they can prepare to take on the responsibilities of a JASILL consultant and, subsequently, even to access a management position.


If you are interested in one of these opportunities, please send us the details by filling in the form below:

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