Our work is based on close cooperation with any category of client, no matter its size, secifics or sector. Our tttention to details, responsiveness, in addition to very good technical training of an extensive team of accountants, consultants and lawyers, are among the reasons why companies choose our services. We know how important it is, especially in this area, to understand exactly all the aspects of accounting, taxation and legislation, so we make sure that all customers feel the added value of partnering with us and receive services tailored to their needs, even and for short periods of time.

For us, success is not just another abstract notion. It means we have the capabilities and skills to find real business development opportunities, meant to support the growth and investment plans of our clients. In other words, we translate things into commercially aware, implementable and achievable solutions.

Responsibility and care for the environment is among our major preoccupations. Therefore, through our ECO JASILL initiative we have rethought our entire environmental protection policy. We are among the few consultants that have implemented a program designed to reduce as much as possible the amount of paper used in daily activities, replacing printing with other forms of presentation and information storage. This change aims at reducing the carbon emissions and introduce the NPIN (No Print Information Necessary) policy.

Moreover, we are individually involved in volunteering projects to protect nature and look for viable solutions to problems such as climate change or carbon dioxide emissions.

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