Regardless of their field of activity, every day is a race against the clock for companies, given that they have to work in a regulated framework, often dominated by robust and sometimes confusing legislation. Our team, specialized in tax and accounting consulting, legal advice, audit, general and project management, labor relations, is appreciated both for the clear, objective and thorough manner of managing the daily issues, as well as for the successful conclusion of sophisticated restructuring projects and the favorable solutions in tax and labor disputes, together with JASILL Legal team.

We have detailed knowledge of the legislative challenges and the re-enactment framework in various industries, such as:


IT, Technology & Blockchain

Real Estate





Pharma& Private Medical Services

Financial Services

We have the capabilities, resources and experience to optimally manage any project in any industry, no matter how regulated. We are recognized by clients as being among the most competent and adaptable consultants, in line with the latest legislative changes, with the practical ability to propose and recommend customized solutions, assistance and representation to entrepreneurs, large and medium companies in these sectors.

With a portfolio of over 700 active clients, we are market leaders in the ridesharing and blockchain sectors, where the largest companies and projects in the field have entrusted us, for over 10 years, their most significant projects. Moreover, due to our efficient fiscal and legal strategies and processes, we contribute decisively to maximizing the financial performance of our clients, both locally and globally.

Servicii financiare

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